Shinglebrook Farm, Shelburne, MA

Shinglebrook Farm is a small farm in the hills of Western Massachusetts. We focus on pastured hogs of various heritage breeds, boer goats, turkeys and chickens.

Our hog operation consists mostly of registered Berkshire hogs along with a few Herefords and Large Blacks. Our boar is a registered Berkshire boar with excellent bloodlines and a fantastic temperament. Our Berkshire bloodlines include the boars such as History Maker, Black Diamond, Sherman, Uncommon and Kazuno. We sell registered Berkshires and purebred feeder pigs when available, as well as cross-bred piglets. Our pigs are raised outdoors with 24/7 access to our historic New England barn and a pasture with wallows and grass as well as apple and oak trees.

Our herd of boer goats was established in 1997 with an initial core group of 12 does from which all of our current goats descend. Since then we have only brought in bucks from outside the herd to keep the genes fresh. Our goats are healthy, have good feet and outstanding temperaments. Kids are available in the summer and fall.

We raise Standard Bronze turkeys. They are delicious on the table, yet capable of breeding and rearing their own young, unlike modern turkey breeds. Poults and eggs are sometimes available. Check in with us in the spring for availability.